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Qualitymaster Carpet Care

Professional carpet cleaning in El Mirage and Surprise, AZ, as well as the entire valley! Upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning as well as preserving carpet is what we do. We are the best carpet, tile and grout cleaning company servicing the entire Phoenix area.


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet and upholstery both need regular cleaning and maintenance. It’s not just if there’s a spill or dirt being trampled in, but carpet needs regular cleaning as preventative maintenance. In fact, most carpet manufacturers require regular cleaning to keep your warranty valid – usually every 12-18 months. Failure to do so could result in your warranty being voided. Having made the investment in your carpet installation, it makes sense to maintain it, and your warranty.

The same applies to your upholstery. Your furniture can be as expensive, sometimes, as your carpeting. So it makes sense to take preventative maintenance on it as well. Over time, food particles, dirt, body oils and pet hairs can find their way into your upholstery, not only detracting from its appearance, but, potentially, causing damage to the fabrics.

Tile & Grout Cleaning 

In addition to cleaning your carpets, hard floors, and upholstery, Qualitymaster are specialists at tile and grout cleaning. Grout cleaning, especially, can be laborious without specialist equipment. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary drudgery trying to get your grout back to looking new, let Qualitymaster suck that muck into the truck!

Tile, Grout and Carpet Repair

We promise you that repair is definitely less expensive than replacing. Not only is it less expensive but also a much quicker process. If you conveniently have left over carpet, we replace the area with that. In most cases the original builder or last carpet installer had leftover carpet, commonly stored in the garage or attic.


Stone & Brick Cleaning
Prolong The Life!

Natural stone requires a specific maintenance routine than traditional tile. Many cleaners acceptable for ceramic tile can stain, damage or dull stone. Dirt and dust will scratch the surface of stone. Stone floors should be vacuumed or dust mopped regularly to remove dirt from the stone surface. Natural stone should be cleaned with neutral cleaners that don’t contain acid or bleach.

Grout Cleaning
Keep Flooring Looking New!


We have the proper equipment and cleaning agents to safely and correctly clean your grout. Call Qualitymaster Carpet Care today!


Carpet Repair
No Need To Replace!

If your pet digs into the carpet, causing carpet and/or carpet padding damage, we can repair that.  We usually do this by using a leftover piece of carpet, or carpet from an area not seen, such as a closet.  Although not always a perfect match due to carpet wear and tear differences, it looks a lot better than that hole in the rug your pet decided to make!

Upholstery Cleaning
Refresh Fabrics!
There is almost nothing worse than having your furniture soiled with that spilled drink, pet stain, or just day to day dirt build up.  Upholstery cleaning is not something that should be attempted by an untrained cleaner, as fabric or leather discoloration, water damage, and more is likely to happen.  At Qualitymaster Carpet Care, we have a plethora of professional cleaning skills; upholstery cleaning is on that list.
Tile Cleaning

Dirty tile can make your entire home look dirty.  Call the experts at Qualitymaster Carpet Care to professionally clean your dirty tile.  We clean all kinds of tile too, from dirty shower tiles to dirty floor tiles.  When your tile is cleaned by us, you will think you have a new floor when we are done.  We take extra steps to ensure your tile looks great.

Carpet Cleaning
Keep Warranty Valid

We extract the dirt out of your carpets, and are carpet cleaning experts.  We are pet stain and odor removal specialists.Fast drying times, proper use of cleaning agents, properly trained flooring technicians, as well as pre-treatment services are just some of the things that sets Qualitymasters Carpet Care apart from the others.


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